Unboxing My Best 9 to 5 Life's March 2022 Subscription Box

With spring around the corner, we thought March would be a great opportunity to get a head start on spring cleaning your work life, 9-5 style! 

Clutter can have a negative impact at work, including increased stress and lowered productivity. So we're focusing on decluttering this month, both physically, digitally and beyond (like too many meetings) to spark joy at work again! 

Our book of the month is Joy at Work: Organizing Your Professional Life. We can't think of more fitting experts to teach us how to tidy up and organize our professional life so it sparks joy again like the queen of tidying up, Marie Kondo and organizational psychologist, Scott Sonenshein. Learn strategies on how to eliminate clutter at work using the world-renowned KonMari method combined with cutting-edge research! 

Next, we included this beautiful Follow Your Bliss Lined Notepad by Paige Poppe Art to add spring vibes to your desk! We LOVE this vibrant, watercolored notepad and the hand painting and lettering by artist, Paige Poppe gives it an extra special touch. Use the message, "follow your bliss" to guide you as you declutter this month and create a work space and life that bring you joy!

Since this month is all about spring cleaning and keeping items that bring you joy at work, we included this premium Productivity Binder Clip Set by Erin Condren Design! Ditch the boring generic binder clips provided at the office and replace them with this gorgeous set to keep your paperwork organized as you go through them this month! They're functional, the fun spring colors will add joy to your desk and they pair beautifully with the notepad in this month's box!

This month's lifestyle product is the So Fresh + So Clean Essential Spray by Pantry Products! Keep your office smelling fresh with this all-natural spray, which includes the refreshing scents of: tea tree, lemon, rosemary, eucalyptus and peppermint!

Lastly, for self-care, we included two single-use all natural vegan facial masks by Dirt Bag Beauty (Clean Slate and Pretty in Pink) to detoxify and refresh your skin while you are working hard doing the same to your work life all month! We include a self-care product every month to remind you to take even a few minutes to yourself and prioritize your well-being. We love that these masks are made in California with clean and high quality ingredients AND they donate a percentage of proceeds to domestic violence shelters in Los Angeles, CA.

We sold out early of our March box but many of the products are available in our shop! Grab your favorites today and it'll ship in 1-2 business days!

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