Unboxing My Best 9 to 5 Life's February 2022 Box

February is often known as the month of love, so we thought it would be perfect to focus on SELF-love this month! I Love Me is the theme for February and we chose this theme because when you learn to truly love yourself as you are, everything else falls into place more easily. For example, when you practice self-love at work, you prioritize your well-being and set healthy boundaries, you advocate for yourself because you know your worth and you treat yourself with kindness and compassion when you make a mistake or when something doesn't go as great as you hoped. So our February box was filled with a mix of inspiring and fun products to help our subscribers build their self-love all month. We even included a fun sweet treat in Valentine's Day colors to celebrate!

Personal growth and building a positive mindset is what My Best 9 to 5 Life is all about and each month, subscribers receive an inspiring personal development book centered around the month's theme. This month, we chose Comparisonitis: How to Stop Comparing Yourself to Others and Be Genuinely Happy by Melissa Ambrosini. As they say, comparison is the thief of all joy and we are constantly comparing ourselves to others, whether they're colleagues, friends, family or complete strangers on social media! We included this book to help our subscribers finally break the cycle of comparison and never let it steal their joy again!

Next, we included this beautiful Self-Love Postcard Set by Honeyberry Studios. The set includes 12 whimsically designed postcards with messages of encouragement and compassion. Absolutely frame-worthy, you can place the messages you need where you can see them regularly or boost morale in the office by gifting them to colleagues! 

Each month, we include something for the office to add joy to your work space. To go along with our self-love theme, this month, we chose this chic Heart-Shaped Trinket Tray by ThreeTwoOne! It adds a pop of color to your desk and can be used to hold small office supplies or personal belongings but our greatest purpose for including this was to have it serve as a reminder to be kind and love yourself always, especially on the hard days.

We always include a self-care product each month to remind you to prioritize your well-being in the midst of your busy work week so this month, we included the Eucalyptus Shower Spray by Soulistic Root! Easily weave self-care into your work day by using it in your shower before work or before bed to help relax and de-stress. It's like bringing the spa to your home every day! 

Missed our February box? All of the products are available in our shop (minus the popcorn)! Grab your favorites today and it'll ship in 1-2 business days!

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