Unboxing My Best 9 to 5 Life's January 2022 Box

Time to Shine is the theme for January and we chose this theme because we wanted you to start the new year feeling unshakeably confident! Last month, you set your intentions for 2022 and made plans to make it your best year yet. But what happens when someone says something negative about you or you experience your first "fail" of the year? Do you let them get in the way of your goals or do you shake them off and keep going? We want you to kick fear and self-doubt to the curb and confidently go after the goals you know you're capable of achieving. So we filled this month's box with a super empowering book and confidence-boosting goodies to help give you that extra oomph when you need it!

Personal development and building a positive mindset is what My Best 9 to 5 Life is all about and each month, subscribers receive an inspiring personal development book centered around the month's theme. This month, we chose Stop Checking Your Likes: Shake Off the Need for Approval and Live an Incredible Life by Susie Moore! This book made the greatest impact on my confidence and mindset and I believe you will finish it feeling a lot more empowered too! 

This month's motivational lifestyle item is a fun "I Can and I Will" desk sign by Wellspring. Add a little sass to your desk to remind yourself that whatever it is you're faced with, YES. YOU. CAN.

Periodically, we poll our subscribers and ask what they would like to see in future boxes and one of the most popular responses was pens! So this month, we included this trio of felt tip pens by Sugar Paper (their bestseller)! They're so chic and write so smoothly, they're bound to be your new favorites at work!

The self-care item for this month is perfect for pairing with the pens-- it's the "You Are Enough" Journal by I Got Crafts! We included this journal to offer a space to take notes from this month's book (it has SO much good, empowering stuff) and also record wins and positive things said by colleagues and customers so you can easily refer to it when you need a confidence boost and a reminder that you do good things because you do (even when it doesn't feel like it sometimes). The journal lays flat for easy writing and is made with extra thick paper so ink doesn't bleed through. 

Lastly, we have the Time to Shine Stimulating Aromatherapy Inhaler by Madison + Green. Made with aromatic herbs and essential oils, this blend was formulated by a clinical aromatherapist to help reduce stress related to nervousness, anxiety and fear and boost feelings of confidence and positivity! Keep it at your desk or throw it in your purse to take it with you and use it before your big moments, such as presentations and job interviews to help ease nervousness and boost your confidence!

Missed our January box? We have limited quantities of the boxes and products available now in our shop. Grab yours today and it'll ship in 1-2 business days!

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