3 Tips to Help Manage Everyday Stress


Here are 3 small things you can start doing today to help ease everyday stress:

1) Practice being present. If thoughts of yesterday's mistakes or negative events are robbing you of your peace today, decide right now that you would like to release those thoughts. Take in a few deep breaths and slowly release each thought with each breath. Focus only on this moment.

While it is helpful to look back for any lessons you could gain from it, looking back to further beat yourself up or hold onto anger for something you can't control anymore only hurts you.  

2) What are some of your go-to stress relievers? It could be going for a quick walk, listening to an uplifting podcast, doing a guided meditation-- whatever works for you. When you feel stress coming on, re-center yourself-- pull one of your stress-relieving tools from your toolbox and take a few minutes to focus your attention to doing the thing that brings you calm.

3) Set a solid foundation for preventing additional stress by properly fueling yourself, staying hydrated and getting enough rest every day. Are you eating enough nutritious, mood and brain-boosting foods? Are you drinking enough water throughout the day? Do you set yourself up for success the next day by getting enough sleep the night before?

These may sound obvious but when we're busy and stress is high, it's the basic self-care habits that seem to fall by the wayside first. It's important to build a solid foundation that could support you in the long-run. 

When dealing with your stressors, focus on the things you can do, control or change and practice letting go of the rest.

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