Unboxing My Best 9 to 5 Life's September 2021 Box

Beat Burnout was the theme for September and we chose this theme for our inaugural box because when you're physically, mentally and emotionally exhausted and depleted, it's hard to move forward in joy at work and outside of it too. We filled the box with goodies and tools to inspire our subscribers to take small actions that could lead them closer to a more balanced life!

My Best 9 to 5 Life September 2021 Subscription Box Beat Burnout

Personal growth and developing a positive mindset is what My Best 9 to 5 Life is all about and each month, subscribers receive an inspiring personal development book centered around the month's theme. We chose Breathe, Empower, Achieve: 5-Minute Mindfulness by Women Who Do It All by Shonda Moralis as this month's book because she offers 50 quick "mindful breaks" you can weave into your busy day to help you say no to burnout and yes to balance! 

Subscribers also received a Lavender Latte pour-over coffee by Copper Cow Coffee to practice one of the mindful breaks listed in the book!

Breathe, Empower, Achieve by Shonda Moralis

Each month, we reveal one item that will be in the box as a spoiler and this month, it was this beautiful rose quartz diffuser bracelet by Batu Suci! We included this bracelet to remind our subscribers to take a deep breath and "embrace the pause" during their busy work day. The bracelet is made with rose quartz to help soothe negative emotions and raw wood beads where you can add a few drops of essential oil to enjoy the benefits of aromatherapy all day!

To help our subscribers relax right away, we also included 100% pure organic lavender essential oil by Sixth Scents to pair with the bracelet!  

Rose quartz diffuser bracelet by Batu Suci and lavender essential oil by Sixth Scents

The self-care item for this month was the Calm the Chaos Journal by Nicola Ries Taggart. This journal is perfect for busy people who feel overwhelmed and stressed but don't have a ton of time to journal. It's filled with easy-to-follow prompts that encourage you to cultivate healthy happiness habits, reflect on the positives of today and support you in starting tomorrow intentional, focused and prepared. Journaling is a great way to transfer your thoughts on to paper so you can get a better night's sleep!

Calm the Chaos Journal

We paired the journal with this chic inspirational metal pen trio by Sweet Water Decor and these pens have been a subscriber favorite! They're not only beautiful and easy to write with, they each have a different motivational saying to keep you inspired! 

Inspirational metal pen set by Sweet Water Decor

I hope our subscribers are able to use the goodies and tools in our September box to move away from burnout through small daily actions and closer to the more balanced and peaceful life they deserve!

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Our theme for October 2021 is Empowered by Kindness! Don't miss out as we work on cultivating a kind mindset to improve the quality of our work day! Subscribe by September 30.

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