Unboxing My Best 9 to 5 Life's August 2022 Subscription Box

The theme for our August box was Mindful Productivity to help our subscribers gain productivity not through time management, but rather, attention management-- a modern solution for a modern problem. Our August box was filled with goodies to help subscribers practice greater mindfulness, which is an important part of attention management.

We believe that personal growth and development is key to creating a career and life you love, so we include a personal development book each month centered around the month's topic. This month's book was, ATTENTION MANAGEMENT: How to Create Success and Gain Productivity Every Day by Maura Nevel Thomas. 

Every month, we also include a self-care product to remind you to prioritize your well-being. This month, we included SHOWER AFFIRMATIONS by JaxKellyStarting your morning on a positive note can set the tone for the rest of your day. This set comes with 20 powerful affirmations you can wet, then stick to your shower wall. Repeat your mantra and keep it close to your intentions throughout the day. 

We include an office product each month to add joy and inspiration to your workspace. This month, we included this super cute MINI NOTEBOOK SET WITH HOLDER by Taylor Elliott Designs! This set comes with six 4" x 6" notebooks with motivational sayings in a darling holder. They're the perfect size to keep at your desk, by your bed, in your purse or in your car! Use them to quickly "brain dump" anything that comes to your mind or you want to remind yourself of later so you can focus on your task at hand.

This month's motivational lifestyle product was a set of MINDFUL MINUTE ACTIVITY CARDS by Mindfulnice! The set includes 29 mindfulness exercises and 2 informational cards. This collection includes mindful activities for breathing, practicing gratitude, becoming more presently aware, and expressing loving kindness to yourself and others. One minute is all it takes and you can do them whenever you need a mindful break at work or anywhere! Learn how to be more present and notice increasing feelings of happiness and peace too.

Lastly, we included two different mini SUPERFOOD COOKIES by Love + Chew to encourage our subscribers to take a mindful snack break during their work day and fuel themselves with tasty and healthy treats!

Missed subscribing for August? Grab a box in our shop while it lasts!


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