Stress Less and Bloom Box
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Stress Less and Bloom Box

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Spring is a time of growth, renewal and a time to flourish. When you’re experiencing unmanaged chronic stress from work though, it can lead to burnout-- the opposite of all that spring symbolizes. So we chose this theme to help you better manage your work stressors, encourage you to nurture yourself, emerge from this period of stress and BLOOM!

Our April 2024 Stress Less and Bloom box includes:

📘 TAKE YOUR LUNCH BREAK: HELPFUL TIPS FOR RELIEVING WORK-RELATED STRESS by Massoma Alam Chohan. Learn holistic stress management habits, ways to navigate co-worker tension, strategies to create a better work-life balance and more in her transformative book!

🌸 FLOWER BINDER CLIPS by U BRANDS. Ditch the generic binder clips provided at the office! Use this fun set of 8 flower clips to stay organized instead + add a little joy and spring vibes to your desk!

🍎 REUSABLE SNACK BAG by Marley’s Monsters. Nourishing yourself with healthy, mood-boosting foods is an essential form of self-care so we included this reusable snack bag in a pretty floral print to make it a more fun (and more eco-friendly) way to fuel yourself during your busy work day!

😌 ROOM SPRAY by SMITH AND COMPANY CANDLES. Relish moments of calm with a room spray from their Wellness Spring Collection specially formulated to elevate and add serenity to your workspace! Choose from two options: Stress Less (eucalyptus/verbana/mint/fresh) or Blissful Zen (honeydew/coconut/nectar/greens).

🙌 SHE BELIEVED SHE COULD, SO SHE DID” INSIGHT CARDS by PETER PAUPER PRESS. This season is for blooming! Let this deck of 50 beautiful quotation cards uplift you as you go about each day. Select a card and be inspired by quotes from doers and thinkers from different walks of life. They’re also perfect for sharing with loved ones or colleagues to spread joy and positivity!

💐 LOOK FOR THE TINY DELIGHTS” MAGNET by Kwohtations. We love this reminder as it’s the tiny delights that can be found every day! Use this magnet in your workspace to add joy with something special like a photo of loved ones, an image of your happy place or your “why,” an accomplishment you’re proud of, etc.!

One-time boxes ship for a discounted flat rate of $7 anywhere in the U.S.!