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Stop People Pleasing Box

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Feel like you're on the brink of burnout because you have a hard time saying no? You'll love this box! Our March 2024 Stop People Pleasing box includes:

📘 THE JOY OF SAYING NO: A SIMPLE PLAN TO STOP PEOPLE PLEASING, RECLAIM BOUNDARIES, AND SAY YES TO THE LIFE YOU WANT by Natalie Lue. Identify your people-pleasing style and habits, establish healthier boundaries and more through her six-step framework!

🌿 BOUNDARIES SHOWER AFFIRMATIONS + EUCALYPTUS SHOWER STEAMER by JaxKelly. Start your morning and/or end your day with 20 empowering shower affirmations to support you in setting healthy boundaries! These cards are waterproof and reusable and grip on a wet surface with no adhesives or bleeding colors. Just wet the ones you need and they’ll self-grip on any smooth flat surface. You can move or replace the cards on your own or let them release on their own once the water evaporates.

Tough day? Use the eucalyptus shower steamer for an extra relaxing experience. For best use, place it out of direct contact with water but somewhere it will still get splashed. It should last one or more showers depending on the duration of the shower and contact with the water. Remove the steamer from the water when done to help it last longer.

🙅 “WAYS TO SAY NO” ZINE by Kwohtations. Have a hard time saying no? Carry this helpful zine with you to refer to when you need ideas for how to say no!

💻 BAD GUY BLOCKER: WEBCAM SECURITY CURTAIN by Tech Candy. Literally block the bad guys from crossing boundaries through your device with this cute security curtain! Just place it on your device and keep the curtain closed for privacy when you’re not using your camera and easily slide it open when needed. It’s primarily for tablets, laptops and monitors but small enough to be used on larger phones too.

😌 “CALM AND CLARITY” HONEY LEMON FLAVORED MINTS by Neuro. Saying no and setting boundaries can feel stressful and trigger anxiety sometimes. Help calm your nerves and alleviate stress and anxiety with these specially formulated mints! They’re made with a calming blend of vitamin D3, GABA, and L-theanine to optimize composure and clarity whenever and wherever you need it most.

One-time boxes ship for a discounted flat rate of $7 anywhere in the U.S.!