Unboxing My Best 9 to 5 Life's June 2023 Subscription Box

The theme for our June box is Stop Overthinking!

If you've ever felt stuck in the loop of overthinking, you know it can add unnecessary stress and hurt your productivity. To help you shut down the negative spiral of overthinking, our June box featured:

📘 "Get Out of My Head: Inspiration for Overthinkers in an Anxious World" by Meredith Arthur. Get to know your ever-revving mind and learn how to calm it down in this soothing illustrated road map for perfectionists, people pleasers and worriers! The book also comes with a small, saddle-stitched secondary book -- meant to act like a weighted blanket in book form for help on the go.

😌 "The Haven" Diffuser Bracelet + Essential Oil by Drops of Wellness Goods. Practice mindfulness and shut down overthinking with deep breathing. To help, we included this chic diffuser bracelet made with natural amazonite (known to be a soothing stone) + raw rosewood diffuser beads. We also included pure, high quality essential oil to help you de-stress right away-- just add a drop or two to the diffuser beads and breathe in the benefits of aromatherapy during your work day.
🧩 "Off California" MicroPuzzle by MicroPuzzles. Another way to shut down overthinking is distraction, so we included this MicroPuzzle to help you practice mindfulness and shift your focus from a stressful spiral of thoughts to something de-stressing! We intentionally chose this design because learning how to "ride the wave" of overthinking is a big part of this month's book. The finished size is 4" x 6" so you can work on it at home or during your work breaks when you need a moment of calm.
🖊 Overthinkers Pen Set by Grey Street Paper. This set includes 3 soft touch jotter pens with smooth gel ink and a different witty saying about overthinking on each. These would make a fun and functional addition to your desk while making you pause and ask yourself if you're overthinking something!

In addition to the products, each box includes a workbook and access to our private subscriber-only community to further support you!

Missed subscribing for June? You're in luck! We have a few extra boxes and individual products available in our shop while supplies last: https://mybest9to5life.com/products/stop-overthinking-box

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